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Dear partners,

We are inform you that the interface of the Affiliate Program moved on This change is permanent, and from now, all that concerns the affiliate program you can access only on

Remember that on CostAction you can login with same username as your current on Turbobit. As before you can upload and work with files on Turbobit. On CostAction you can view statistics of your earnings, change the settings of affiliate program and request payments.

If you receive message "Your username does not exist" when trying to authorize on Costaction, you must complete registaction . Use your current email as login.

If you have questions or problems, you can always contact our support team: Also, we accept your proposals for improving the CostAction interface.

Best Regards, Team

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Try our new interface for uploading your files!
Posted by Support Team on 24-08-2013 02:20
Dear users,
We are happy to introduce a long waited for and a completely new interface for uploading your files via a browser!
Our developers thoroughly went through the grandiose update of the software part, revised customer interfase and added for you a lot of new and useful functions!
Multi-upload – you do not need to add your files one by one anymore and wait until the previous one is uploaded before adding a new one. Now you can choose several files at once, they will automatically queue up and will be processed together.
Subsequent and simultaneous uploading – upload the files using the most convenient way. It can be either a subsequent one, where files are uploaded one after another, or simultaneous, where all files are uploaded at once.*
Drag & Drop – the simplest way to upload the files. Just drag the file you would like to upload and drop it into the special form located on the website.
Flashless – this new interface works with HTML/JS. It means that now your browser can do without an additional plugin when uploading the files.**
Moreover, now you can add and/or delete files right when you are uploading, as well as to clear the list of the downloaded files without refreshing the page.
Please send your comments regarding our new interface to our Support Team:
We do hope that you will love our new interface! & Team
*simultaneous upload is available only for registered users
**some outdated browsers will need Flash for multi-upload support
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Login details for FTP authorization have been changed
Posted by Support Team on 15-07-2013 14:47
Dear partners,

To improve safety and security of your accounts, we have changed the login details for FTP authorization.
Now, for the FTP-upload with main login (email) you must use another, individual password, not password from your account. A new password has been generated random for each user, you can view it on the page «FTP upload".

Best regards, & team
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Dear partners!

For premium users created the feature to download the same file from different servers. If the file has copies on other servers, links to them are automatically displayed on the download page. In case of any problems, such as low download speed or inaccessible files on the primary link, the premium user can always use the alternative link to a copy of the file.
Based on survey results, this feature increases the loyalty of premium customers and the number of repeat purchases.

Best regards, & team

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Increase storage time for your files to 90 days
Posted by Support Team on 01-05-2013 02:01

Dear partners!

Our project develops invariably over a period of 4 years, we always were notable for stable payments and recently we increased the rate of development of our service and also purchased a lot of storage servers.

Therefore we increase storage time for your files. Now files will be stored 45 days from time of last downloading for common users and 90 days for users with premium account.

We wish all successful earnings! & team

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