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Statistics of your earnings was restored!
Posted by Support Team 2 on 12-03-2014 16:39

Dear partners!

On Sunday, March 9, there was a technical glitch on our site. Unfortunately, download statistics was temporarily stopped and partners on the Mixed plan got incorrect reward for their sales.

Problem affected the statistics from March 9-10. Problem has been eliminated yesterday, March 11. All data on March 9-10, have been recovered. All amounts, which were missed, were added to the balance. The total amount of your downloads in this days was recorded in the statistics on March 10, i.e. in the column for March 10 you can see the sum of two days.

Users on the Mixed plan also got money, which were missed from their sales. You can see this money on the"Purse" page in the "Bonus" column, March 12.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you have any problems with the statistics or have any questions about it, please contact our Support

Sincerely, and team.

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Attention! Fake registration.
Posted by Support Team 2 on 06-02-2014 20:19

Dear users!

Today, an unknown attacker exploit the vulnerability in the registration form and registered a huge number of accounts in our system.

He used E-mail data of real people.

If you have received registration mail from, but you hadn't register on our sevice , it means that your e-mail address was in the base of this attacker.

The vulnerability, that allowed to register accounts using with automatic scripts was promptly corrected.

All accounts that have been created without the knowledge of the E-mail owners will be removed in the next 1-2 days.

We apologize for any inconvenience.

Kind Regards, & team.

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Try our new interface for uploading your files!
Posted by Support Team on 24-08-2013 02:20
Dear users,
We are happy to introduce a long waited for and a completely new interface for uploading your files via a browser!
Our developers thoroughly went through the grandiose update of the software part, revised customer interfase and added for you a lot of new and useful functions!
Multi-upload – you do not need to add your files one by one anymore and wait until the previous one is uploaded before adding a new one. Now you can choose several files at once, they will automatically queue up and will be processed together.
Subsequent and simultaneous uploading – upload the files using the most convenient way. It can be either a subsequent one, where files are uploaded one after another, or simultaneous, where all files are uploaded at once.*
Drag & Drop – the simplest way to upload the files. Just drag the file you would like to upload and drop it into the special form located on the website.
Flashless – this new interface works with HTML/JS. It means that now your browser can do without an additional plugin when uploading the files.**
Moreover, now you can add and/or delete files right when you are uploading, as well as to clear the list of the downloaded files without refreshing the page.
Please send your comments regarding our new interface to our Support Team:
We do hope that you will love our new interface! & Team
*simultaneous upload is available only for registered users
**some outdated browsers will need Flash for multi-upload support
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Now you can get links to Turbobit and Hitfile files instantly
Posted by Support Team on 16-08-2013 01:22
Dear partners,

Many of you work simultaneously with our two sites, and, and often face problems with getting links to copies of files for mirrors.

We have solved the problem and made easy interface for getting links for the second site. On "My Files" page now shows two boxes with links to the files, main box for the current site and additional box for the second one.

Links for the second site are generated automatically. For each file, the system search for a copy by its hash-sum and uses the link to that copy. If a copy of the file does not exist, it will be created automatically, with the same parameters as the original file, including the containing folder.

If desired, you can activate/deactivate the feature in your account settings. It is called “Automatically create and display links for second site”.

For those who are not yet familiar with, this is a perfect chance to try our second site and boost their profits by participating in both partner programs at once. More detail on the partner program is available at

We wish all successful earnings! & Team
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Remote upload from is working again
Posted by Support Team on 18-07-2013 01:15

Dear partners,

Remote upload from has been restored. Also we have added an processing of his domains-mirrors, and Now you can put links from any of these domains to the download.

Best regards, & team

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